Bruce has over 20 years of systems implementation in the infrastructure and manufacturing sectors where his roles included leading teams in legislative compliance and operational performance in the field.

The Systems Mentor
After 20 years of working as a senior manager in energy and infrastructure corporations, I felt unfulfilled with my career and started studying business management.  

I realised my extensive experience of creating and managing systems to drive compliance and performance was directly transferable and very relevant to small business owners. Colleagues started asking me to help them develop systems to remove constraints and leverage their efforts so they could achieve their goals.  This proved very rewarding. 

My wife and I have also bought our own business and have experienced the complexities of small business and the balance of the urgent with the important.  Pursuing this passion, I now mentor and help business owners develop business systems to improve their businesses performance, enabling them to achieve their goals.  

“Organise around business functions, not people.  Build systems within each business function.  Let systems run the business and people run the systems.  People come and go, but the systems remain constant.”

― Michael E. Gerber

Systems for increasing business performance

From his foundation work with the ISO Standards for Quality (ISO9001), Safety (ISO45001) and Environment (ISO14001), Bruce realised these systems he created had increased business performance, regardless of the people present at that time.  

Bruce had established training programs and systems so his role essentially became one of monitoring the system to ensure it ran effectively and efficiently.  These systems strengthened the company so it operated in a manner that was compliant with legislation and guidelines without the need for constant oversight.  

Team management and performance

Working with people and teams is one of Bruce’s natural strengths.  He has been a leader all his life and he continues to learn and develop this ability.  Bruce understands that empowering others around you is the greatest form of leverage. 

He has since studied performance management and the process of positively influencing others to get the highest level of performance from your team.

Performance & Strategy

As Bruce’s involvement with small businesses increased, he realised that the principles of systems and strategy to drive performance that he had been applying for years in large corporations were exactly what small family businesses were in desperate need for.  These transferable skills could be applied in any small business, and the results have been very rewarding.

He often heard the phrase “I just can’t get off the tools so I can work on the business”, and it is these business owners that Bruce has developed a passion for helping. 

Bruce consolidated his professional learnings of the principles in ISO 14001:2015 as he developed a course and delivered it as a sessional lecturer for the University of the Sunshine Coast. This course is still being taught at USC and he is still actively involved with the University.

In 2017 Bruce and his wife (Pip) bought an e-commerce business in which they could apply Bruce’s expertise in system development and performance management to scale and grow the business for their family.

It was at this point Systems Strategy was created.

Bruce focussed the business on tailoring systems around the clients’ core values and goals.

He quickly received positive feedback as his clients started seeing improvements in all aspects of their business as they started to develop strategic systems (assets) within the core functions of their businesses that would drive the performance in their business that they have been desiring.

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